Thursday, August 27, 2015

ReFX Nexus v2 2 VSTi RTAS

NEXUS2 is a next generation ROM synthesizer of the highest
quality that can turn your musical dreams into a stunning
reality. Forget about stereotypical, boring, stale, old sounding
ROM synths and embrace the power of NEXUS2 to evolve your
productions to a new level of greatness.

NEXUS2 explores new sonic territory delivering complex,
ultra-fat, contemporary soundstorms that sound as good as the
most expensive and best hardware available today. A powerful and
flexible architecture is the foundation that supports the
immediately useful and spontaneously engaging design of the
instrument. Every aspect of NEXUS2 was built to produce music of
the highest quality, quickly, with the least amount of fuss.

NEXUS2 features a world-class 32 step arpegiator with
note-transposition, an agile and simple 32 step trance gate,
industry leading reverb licensed from Arts Acoustic, and a
sophisticated modulation-matrix that will help you sculpt the

NEXUS2 provides you with everything you need to create your next
hit, including a comprehensive 4GB library of over 880 sounds
covering a significant sonic territory and driven by a very
friendly internal librarian to find the exact sound you need in
the heat of the creative moment.

Features like search, favorites, and categorization are standard
not only in the factory library but in all available expansions.
You will never feel lost or confused searching extensively and
wasting time, you will be able to pinpoint the sound you are
after within seconds. You won't run out of sounds quickly either
as NEXUS2 offers an impressive array of 25 expansions covering a
wide gamut of contemporary music styles and produced by the
worlds top sound designers. So Whether you need the most
powerful dance lead sounds to set the club on fire, or a full
gregorian choir for your next masterpiece, NEXUS2 delivers.

All of this may seem like it would be quite demanding on the
system resources of your DAW, however, NEXUS2 is very frugal
with the CPU and careful with your RAM. You can load multiple
instances into your sequencer without worry and because NEXUS2
is coded with love and care for the end user you can rest
assured that many instances can be used on modern systems
simultaneously without sacrifice.

NEXUS2 is also a very accessible instrument with contrast
controls and several skins available which can change the
appearance from black, to blue, to C64 beige, you can be sure
you will find NEXUS2 not only a joy to hear but also a pleasing
aesthetic vision.

Are you ready for NEXUS2? You better be.

NEXUS2 includes these four different skins, so no matter which
host you use, NEXUS2 will always look it's best and fit right
in. Each instance remembers which skin was selected, so you can
even use different skins for different tracks. How about using
one of the black skins for the drums, but Cobalt for the bass
and the white for the melody.

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