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Music Production Software WobbleBOSS v1.0-R2R

Wobbleboss VST, the Dubstep VST/VSTi plugin market has been recently flooded with newcomers, due to the once secret knowledge required to create these tools, finally being shared by some of the experts. Let’s not get this wrong, some of what is being commercially released is not of value to anyone. Some of the banks have signature dubstep wobbles and wubwubs that are spanned across a few octaves per sound, others literally have 8-10 octaves of 1 sound per key giving you 98-127 unique samples to play with per channel. It’s easy to do a whole track with 1-2 layers and still have tons of sounds left over unused.

Wobbleboss VST is an all new 2013 Dubstep Beat Making Software for Mac & PC

Just like any VSTi channel in your DAW – on wobbleboss vst plugins you can also start adding various effects, mastering, limiting etc to the wobbleboss vst layer to get the most out of it. The interface also has your standard reverb, panning, pitch, lfo’s and glide etc. You also get all five collections as easy to use 16-24bit wav sample collections where each kit is grouped into a folder of approx 100 samples from this wobbleboss vst plugins. Perfect to line them up in your EXS sampler in logic, or your various PC samplers – it also comes with a few extra VST’s and one is in fact a sampler that you can load the sample folders into (these are for PC however on MAC it’s just as easy to lay out the samples in the EXS sampler and a quick youtube search will show you easy step by step tutorials on how to use any sounds on your mac as a midi bank on your keys or your computer keyboard if you don’t have a controller.

I think in total there are just over or just under 1000 samples, all in different styles and all recorded at 140bpm (or 135-145). The WobbleBoss VST beat making software are instant download from the developer’s website, PC VSTi and Mac AU versions, 8 Octaves worth of unique samples on the piano roll, Straightforward filters, glide and LFO modulation, Pre-programmed wobble basslines, vocal samples, Dubstep drums, Easiest to use Dubstep plugin available.

A Collection Of A++ New-Age DUB Samples All Wrapped In A Sexy VST/AU – Making YOU Sound Incredible!

- Easy interface doesn’t clutter your screen…
- Variety of dub, glitch, wobble, delay, choppy…
- FULL kits (drums, voxes, fx, wubwobbles…
- Brand new to market samples
- SICK idea – SICK execution – SICK Result!
- Made By Producers For Producers
- Dangerous Kits Up To 8 Octaves Deep
- Easy Midi vst / AU Hook Up To Any Big DAW
- Over 1000 DUBBed Sweet Samples
- Get The Most Creative Beats EVARRRRRR!!
- Effects Kit – ADSR – LFO – GLIDE + MORE

Wobbleboss Vst total control:

- Velocity / Sensitivity / Quantizing

- Comes w/Sampler (Import Your Own Kits)

- Comes w/.wav Versions of Each Sample (instead of proprietary in our software only)

- Plug-n-Play Ready – just Download

WobbleBOSS VST – The Best Plugin for Dubstep Production

What’s in the wobbleboss vst Bundle:

Main WobbleBoss VSTi: A powerful plugin with pre-programmed Dubstep Specific sounds for basslines, drums and samples.
Samploid VST: Import multiple octaves worth of samples from your folders and start editing and manipulating them in bulk. Design your own samples and custom dubstep sounds with this powerful plugin.
Masterproducers Pack: Thousands of drum kits, instruments, and synth sounds. If its drums you’re looking for then dont worry, there is also a healthy amount of drum samples that come with this from
WubWub VST: Another plugin designed to create Dubstep basslines. This is another VST plugin which is specifically designed to produce dirty bass sounds. A solid little bonus, but the Wobble Boss itself is the master of this domain.
Copy of nOrbz Pre-Release
Unadvertised Bonuses (Hot)
ALL Samples As .wav Files (5 KITS!)
65% Off While On This Page
200 Extra Wobbles
60 Days No Hassle Refund

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