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MusicLab RealEight v1.0.0.7183 Incl Crack and Keygen-R2R

Vst Vsti Real Eight ful version Download
RealEight is a sample-based 8-string electric guitar virtual instrument, ideal for lead and rhythm, and even bass tracks in rock & metal style compositions.
RealEight provides incredible playability based on easy-to-use keyboard layout as well as the advanced key/pedal/velocity switch system allowing a keyboardist to perform guitar parts with a whole new level of realistic expression.
RealEight covers practically all sounds, articulations, and techniques a professional
guitarist can produce on his 8-string electric guitar, including mute, bridge mute,
harmonics, pinch harmonics, sliding, scraping, etc...
24-bit high quality dry samples recorded directly from pick-ups let you easily create any desired guitar sound using your favorite amplifier simulator.

RealEight features:

· Incredibly deep sound covering huge 5-octave note range (8 strings, 24 frets, drop
tuning, expandable to drop B tuning).
· Ready-to-use Double Track and Quad Track patches with a single MIDI input.
· Bass mode: drops pitch to 8-string bass guitar tuning, letting you produce bass
parts as well.
· Advanced Humanize section allowing to add realism to the performance both live
and step-recorded in a MIDI track.
· Multi-channel layering technology, incorporating a custom library of specially
recorded samples taken from every fret of all 8 strings of a real guitar.
· The unique Floating Fret Position technology, which imitates change of fret position
of a guitarist's hand on the neck. This gives you the possibility of playing on up to
200 guitar frets using just 60 keys of a standard keyboard!

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how can i download this vst ?

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Where can I find the download-link?

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So fake wow! -_-